Patient Stories

Sarah Hamsher

Sarah has lost 185 lbs since having her Gastric Sleeve procedure in Janaury of 2011. Sarah no longer worries about fatigue, diabetes and joint pain. She was always grumpy and tired before surgery. Today she enjoys working out in the gym 6 days a week. She is rarely tired and really enjoys loves life these days.*   


Terri Johnson

Terri  is another patient whose life has been transformed after having weight loss surgery. Terri has lost 90 lbs since having a Gastric Sleeve in February 2012.  She no longer has high blood pressure, knee pain and low back pain. Terri was on two meidciations before surgery and now reports no health problems. Terri walks 3 miles, weeds her garden and she can even bend over to pick up beads from Mardi Gras parades.*  

Daphne Daigre

Daphne had Gastric Sleeve surgery in June 2012. She has lost a 121 pounds. Before surgery Daphne suffered with knee and joint pain. She could not climb stairs. She was working two jobs and would take pain medication at night just to relieve the pain so she could sleep. Now Daphne can walk as much as she likes to and even run!! She states "I can play with grand daughter without slowing down. Life for me is wonderful!"*


Davina Boudreaux 

 Davina had a Gastric Sleeve procedure in March 2012. Since surgery she has lost 80 lbs. Prior to surgery Davina had sleep apnea. She states that she could not sit in a desk at her kid's school for orientation. She states "This year I could fit in the desk!" She is also able to cross her legs. She is so proud of herself.*



Junius Melancon

Before surgery Junius was exhausted after his 10 hour workday. He states he was in bed before 4:30pm everyday. Now he works 12 hours a day and does yard work when he gets home. He also walks on treadmill 3 to 4 times a week. Junius states he will never be on a diet again. He still enjoys food just healthy food now and much less. He has lost an impressive 110 lbs since his Gastric Sleeve procedure in July of 2012.*

*Disclaimer: Individual results may vary from person to person. 

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