Support Groups

There are many important aspects of recovering from surgery that is best gathered from someone else who’s 'been there'.

A key concept about education and support for weight loss surgery patients is that health professionals (surgeons, dietitians, etc.) who have not had bariatric surgery can only teach based on medical science and experience.

Our support groups are closed meetings, only available to patients who have had surgery or those patients who are scheduled to have surgery and have been prepared for support group by our support group leaders.

 2016 Support Group Scheudle:

Jan 5th-Tuesday 6p

Jan 27th-Wed 12p

Feb 2th-Tuesday 6p

Feb 254h-Wed 12p

Mar 8th-Tuesday 6p

Mar 30th-Wed 12p

April 5th-Tuesday 6p

April 27th-Wed 12p

May 10th-Tuesday 6p

May 25th-Wed 12p

June 7th-Tuesday 6p

June 29th-Wed 12p

July 12th-Tuesday 6p

July 27th-Wed 12p

Aug 9th-Tuesday 6p

Aug 31st-Wed 12p

Sept 13th-Tuesday 6p

Sept 28th-Wed 12p

Oct 4th-Tuesday 6p

Oct 26th-Wed 12p

Nov 8h-Tuesday 6p

Nov 30th-Wed 12p

Dec 6th -Tuesday 6p



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