Brad’s Weight Loss Story

December 19, 2016

I decided to have bariatric surgery because I wanted a life change for me and my family. At the rate I was going I’m not sure I would have been here to see my only son get married or have children, but that has all changed. I had High Blood Pressure, was not sleeping well and was always out of breath.

When I started this journey my goals were to be a star patient, run at least 1 mile, do a 5K, discontinue my blood pressure medicine and be the best person I could be! I am proud to say I have achieved and surpassed all my goals. I met my weight goal at seven months post-op, losing 120 lbs. I used to wear a 42” waist and XXL shirt and now I wear a 30” waist and large shirt.

My biggest supporter is my wife, Angel. She has always wanted me to get healthy, and I am so glad she opened my eyes to what I was really doing to my body and our relationship. My son, Taylan, is also a source of support and accountability at the gym. He motivates me and keeps me going. My brother, Brian, keeps my spiritual self in order and has always kept me moving in the right way. The Bariatric Staff has been the rock me and my wife stand on. They have been the guides for our success through this whole process. Thanks for giving me my life back!

My biggest problem is that I have to keep telling myself that I am no longer obese. I look in the mirror and I no longer see “Fat Brad” but I see the new “Healthy Brad”. My biggest success was gaining a better relationship with my wife and family, and I also feel better about myself. I am 42 years old and I am in the best shape of my life. I plan on doing more 5Ks and 10Ks, and I participated in my first triathlon in August 2016. My goal is to keep on moving forward in my journey and help other patients understand that this is a life change, NOT A DIET!