Gastric Balloon

Gastric Balloons: The Minimally Invasive Alternative

AWLS icons-03 Minimally Invasive, Life-Changing Results
In instances when surgery simply isn’t an option, a gastric balloon system can serve as an effective, minimally invasive alternative — with lasting, life-changing results. The concept is simple: one or more balloons are inserted into the stomach orally during a simple, painless outpatient procedure. A specialist expands the balloon using either air or a saline solution, displacing space within the stomach.

As a result of the “decreased” stomach size, patients eat less. The selected balloon system, along with a professionally supervised diet and exercise program, helps promote permanent lifestyle changes to eating habits for a lifetime of success. And for countless patients, it’s provided just that.

Acadiana Weight Loss Surgery offers two gastric balloon system options. Click to learn more about each system.

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