Nutrition Supplements

Helping You Stay on The Right Track

While undergoing a surgical or non-surgical weight loss program, your diet becomes incredibly important for recovery and maintenance. With a change in your body comes drastically reduced caloric requirements, and many patients, even with a proper diet, have difficulty absorbing the right amount of nutrients needed for a healthy lifestyle. After weight loss, you may also experience increased digestive sensitivity, which may cause an inability to handle the natural forms of many highly nutritious foods.

For patients who need help meeting the nutritional needs of their new lifestyle, Acadiana Weight Loss Surgery has partnered with Bariatric Advantage to offer quality supplements specifically formulated to meet your unique dietary needs. A market leader in targeted nutrition since 2002, Bariatric Advantage offers comprehensive multivitamins and protein-rich meal replacements made with quality ingredients by expert nutritionists. These supplements are delivered to your door in easy-to-digest forms perfect for sensitive stomachs and packed with the nutrients your body needs.

Don’t let your diet get in the way of enjoying your new life.