After Surgery

Starting Your New Life After Surgery

After your surgical procedure is complete, we know you’ll be excited to get started in your new life – and we’ll be here to help you from day one.

You will need a little time to recover after surgery. The length of your recovery will depend upon what type of procedure was performed (your doctor will discuss recovery time with you prior to surgery). However, it is vitally important that you closely follow the instructions of your doctor and other weight loss team members during your period of recovery. Failure to follow instructions could cause complications or lengthen your recovery time.

Once you are fully recovered and back to your normal daily activities, the focus will be on changing your lifestyle to maximize weight loss and improve your health. Nutrition and exercise will be your two keys to success. Your dietician will provide you with nutritional guidelines tailored to your unique needs as well as the type of procedure that was performed. You will also be provided with recommendations for developing a daily exercise routine.

We cannot stress enough how important it is for you to be totally committed to your new diet and exercise routines. It’s the only way you can succeed in reaching your goal of long-term weight loss and living a healthier, happier life.

Also remember that we offer you a number of support groups to continuously help you on your weight loss journey. And just as importantly, your team at Acadiana Weight Loss Surgery will be here to provide you with support and encouragement for the rest of your life.