Claudia’s Weight Loss Story

September 18, 2018
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Before surgery I needed a handicap license plate due to not being able to walk more than about 25 ft but now I am always ahead of the crew I can run with my grand-baby I enjoy my time with him and my girls so much more. Before having my sleeve I always ran from the camera and insisted every picture of me be deleted but since then all has changed I now welcome any pictures and even take selfies something I would of never did.

I also had high bp for years and hated the medicine. The day of my sleeve was my last bp pill. I lived life with a severe foot problem called Plantar Fasciitis which limited my activity but after loosing the weight my condition simply disappeared.

After loosing 100 lbs, I now live life to the fullest and enjoy every moment of everyday. The best decision I ever made was getting the sleeve I only wish I would have did this years ago.