Patrick’s Weight Loss Story

December 3, 2018

Before surgery I had severe sleep apnea, foot pain, joint and body aches. I felt tired and run down all the time. I enjoyed outdoor activities but was to a point where I could not keep up anymore.

Post-surgery I have very mild sleep apnea and I’m virtually pain-free. My energy level has increased dramatically, and I am so much more active and healthy. My weight no longer interferes with what I want to do. Dr Gachassin and his team gave me the tools that have allowed me to make my future a brighter and healthier one. They will always have my gratitude.

I also want to thank my wife, family and friends for unwavering support throughout and as I continue with this endeavor. This journey does not end…you don’t hit a milestone and simply stop using the tools you have been taught. It is a lifestyle change that has given me back my future, and I plan to live it with renewed vigor.